License Process
For many, the process of obtaining an official state of California license can be confusing. Ther are multiple levels of learing as well as rules and requirements you must remember throughout the process. This page will halp to guide visitors through the process, and let them know what they need to pass checkpoint after checkpoint on thier road to a California driver's license.

1. Driver's Education
          -The first step towards obtaining a license is registering with a driver's education class. These classes are available online and in a brick and mortar classroom type setting. the availability and chioces that you will have in classes depends on your location, time and availability. They often come with a fee, but many have been able to find driver's education classes for little to no money.
          -A helpful tip for getting through driver's education and studying is obtaining the official drivers handbook from your local DVM
          -When you are done with the class and finish with a passing grade, you will recieve a certificate of completion.  These will either be given to you personally from your instructor at your driving school, or they will be mailed to you by your online class comapny. Make sure to keep this in mind when scheduling your DMV permit appointment! Mailing can take a few days and rescheduling your appointment can be frustrating and avoidable.
2. Obtaining a Permit
          -The next step in the process is obtaining an official drivers permit from the Department of Moter Vehicles (DMV). Here you must make an appointment with your local DMV and schedule your permit test. This test is only written and covers the material that you covered in your drivers education class as well as the handbook.
3. Behind The Wheel Training
          -Congradulations! You have officially obtained a driver's permit. Now you must choose a driving school to teach you the ways of the road. You MUST schedule and have your first driving lesson before you can officially drive a car, so make sure to schedule your first lesson soonafter you obtain your permit before the excitement wears off! When you are done with your first lesson, your instructor will sign your permit and officially give you the freedom to practice with any person over 21 years of age with a legal California driver's license.
          -In the "Decals" section of this website you will find links to obtain or purchase STUDENT DRIVER removeable stickers and magnets. These are estremely helpful when first learning how to drive! As you go through the first stresses of learning, other cars know the position you are in, and remember how stressful thier first experiences on the road were! They will give you deference and be much more forgiving on the road.
          -In the "Safety" section of this website you will find helpful information about safety on the road in the first few months of driving, as well as for your new life as a California driver.
          - The DMV will issue you a logbook to log your hours of driving both in the daytime and the nighttime. be sure to log your hours and track your progress in order to asses your ability to succeed on your final examination.
          -You will complete six months of behind the wheel training before you are eligable to test for your driver's license. You will also have to complete three lessons with your drive school company instructor and obtain a certificate of completion.
4. The License
          -Once you obtain your signed certificate of completion from your driving instructor, it is time to study for and take your driving test! make an apontment with the DMV, and continue to practice and study up. Your permit test will act as your written form of this test and will not be taken again. Your only task on this test is to drive well and do as your examiner tells you!
          -It is a good idea to do a couple of practice drives around the area where your chosen DMV is located. The drive test will only be in this area, so practicing around the course is a good idea and will pay off.
          -On test day, try not  be too nervous! Remember that you practiced for this test, and all you must do is show your skills and get that license.
          -Congradulations! You are now a licensed California driver! Be sure to check back onto the safety page of this website for more tips and tricks and be sure to obey all traffic laws.
5. Provisional License
          -If you are under the age of eighteen, you will begin your year of your provisional license the day you obtain your license. This program ensures your safety while you are young and technically still learning and gaining experience. The guidelins will be provided for you upon recieving the license and include not driving after 11:00pm or before 5:00am, and not driving with anyone under the age of 21,.