On the Road, Safety is Key!
When operating any vehicle on any road, the most important thing is safety. This section will give you a few guidelines on general safety and curtaisy on the road applicable to any driver, permitted, new licensed or experienced licensed.
Display your Student Driver Decals!
  In the "Decals" section of this website, you will find ways to obtain "New Driver" signage cheaply and easily. This signage is very very helpful when students are first learning how to drive. They allow other drivers on the road to better understand your circumstances and act accordingly. These signs have helped hundreds of students to learn to drive outside of driving school in a safe environment. Cars have been known to give cars displaying student driver signage much more room on freeways and surface streets as well as let studentsmerge easily, and become more compassionet and less agressive on the roads.If you are an experienced driver and see these decals, pleaseremember when you were in the same position, and help these new drivers gain the skills required to make the roads a safer place.
Keep Your Head on the Swivel
A huge part of driving safely is being a watchful and observant driver. So many things happen on the road, that you need to be aware of everything around you and make sure that you are ready to act quickly and safely to get ut of harms way. things youmust be on the consant lookout for are merging cars, motercyclists and other small vehicles, drunk or impaired drivers, signs pointing out potentially dangerous situations, road workers and safety cones, pedestrains, school sites, and many others.

Never Drink, Call or Text While Driving

Obey All Traffic Laws

Texting, Drinking,and making phone calls while driving is not only illegal, but three of the most dangerous and lifethreatening things that you can do while driving a car. The amount of people that have been killed while doing these things and people who have been killed by people doing these things is far too many and is a tragidy that thousands must face every year. A safe driver is someone who does none of these things and who protects themselves and other on the road by being responsible and following the law.
Traffic laws are put into place to keep you and everyone else on the roads safe. As a safe and responsible driver you must obey all traffic laws. Failure to obey traffic laws can result in punishment to the degree of the law you broke.